Top 5 WordPress Membership Manager Plugins for A Better Prospect Engagement in 2023

You don’t need any coding knowledge or to employ a full-stack web developer to convert your WordPress website into a membership site. A WordPress Membership Manager Plugin will do the trick for you on a budget.

A membership site allows you to select and filter content while establishing a deeper understanding and trust with your audience. You have a better chance of converting visitors into prospects by providing extra perks for registered users.

A HubSpot study shows that keeping users engaged will increase profitability by at least 23%. With a membership site, you’ll recognize your users’ pain points in a precise manner. As a result, finding solutions to those issues becomes a lot easier.

However, failing to choose the right plugin will leave a great impact on your company’s growth. So, in this article, we’ll compare the 5 best WordPress membership manager plugins that suit your company’s needs.

How to Choose the Best Membership Manager Plugin for WordPress?


There are hundreds of WordPress Membership Manager plugins out there. However, each of them comes with its own set of features and functionalities. So, choosing the right membership manager plugin depends on your specific needs.

The types of subscriptions you want, content access control, and payment gateways may indeed affect your choice. Apart from these, we narrowed the list down considering three key plugin aspects: compatibility, features, and ease of use.

Let’s take a sneak peek!


The membership manager you choose must be supported by your pre-installed WordPress plugins and themes. Using plugins that aren’t compatible with your WordPress setup might break the site. And, that’s a hell of a problem to fix!

So, first, test the plugin in a local WordPress install or a staging site. If the test is successful, you can install the plugin on the live site.


Most of the plugins come with the very essential features you need right with the purchase. However, the features always rely on the type of membership site you’re looking for.

You can start with a lightweight and fast membership manager plugin that gives you the very basics. Or you can choose a premium plan to have broader control over the plugin.

However, keep an eye out for these sneaky features.

  • Membership Management
  • Forums and Live Chats
  • Email Marketing Kit
  • Easy Downloads
  • Course Builder Tools
  • Drip Content /Content Calendar Features
  • Multi-level Subscriptions
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Templates and Other Dashboard Features
  • Ease of Use

No matter how skilled you are, an intuitive interface or dashboard eases the majority of your administrative headaches!

Many WordPress membership manager comes with tons of features you’ll never need. Here, a lightweight, but intuitive plugin can speed up your workflow and boost productivity.

5 Best WordPress Membership Manager Plugins

Keeping all of the above aspects in mind, we present to you the top 5 WordPress membership managers on the market.

  1. WP User Frontend Pro
  2. ProfilePress
  3. MemberPress
  4. s2Member
  5. LearnDash

We’ll take a brief look at all of the main features to give you a clear idea.

WP User Frontend Pro


Wp User Frontend Pro is the ultimate frontend solution for your WordPress site. This smart plugin fulfills almost all the criteria in our checklist. You can easily create a membership site or make any type of front-end submission with this plugin.

This plugin is packed with several amazing features. Its interactive dashboard allows you to do most of the tasks within a few clicks. You can use drag and drop features to create posts, drip contents, and organize them according to several types with custom fields support. The pro version of this plugin also allows guest posting.

With its powerful membership features, you can create several subscription types. You’ll have full control of the subscription categories and payment options. You can also earn from every post on your site with the Pay-per-post feature.

This plugin also allows content restrictions based on roles, subscriptions, menus, and categories. Its built-in payment gateways allow hassle-free transactions for you and your members. Besides, you can create as many packages as you want. The possibility is unlimited.

So far, WP User Frontend Pro is trusted with more than 30K active installations. The premium version offers 15+ premium extensions and modules that are sure to improve the user experience on your website. 

The pro version of this plugin starts from 49$ a month. However, you can also start with the free version directly from your WordPress plugin directory.

Restrict Content Pro

Finally, you can count on ProfilePress as a reliable membership manager for your WordPress site. This lightweight plugin comes with several integrated features, and you’ll be able to create a full-featured membership site with ease.

This plugin comes with flexible subscription support. You can create any number of subscription levels, assign prices, add optional signup fees, user roles, and many more. Members can also upgrade and downgrade their membership levels with Restrict Content Pro. It automatically handles the rest for you.

This plugin’s seamless integration with WordPress allows you to work with your pre-installed themes and plugins easily. It also features an intuitive customer dashboard with detailed customer and earning reports. You can also export member data to third-party tools and send automated emails based on user activity.

With this membership manager, you’ll be able to use popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Braintree, and without any extra charge. This plugin comes with a $99/ year pricing plan with 12+ add-ons.


MemberPress is another trusted membership site-building plugin for WordPress. With its robust features, creating membership options will become easier than ever. It’s a great plugin for beginners with its easy setup and powerful features.

With MemberPress, you can automatically add accounts, log in, pricing, and thank you pages for your members. You can also create an unlimited number of membership plans. You’ll be able to customize anything, including the purchase options, membership restrictions, and trial periods for members.

Its powerful access control allows for restricting content, posts, pages, tags, categories, files, and many more. With its content dripping option, you’ll be able to schedule and reveal restricted content as you wish. This is useful if you intend to sell online courses.

However, the biggest downside of this plugin comes with its limited payment gateway support. You’ll be able to use PayPal, Stripe, and its developer plan includes As a result, site owners in countries that don’t accept these gateways might have to look for alternatives.

This WordPress Membership Manager comes with several integration options. You can use MailChimp, AWeber, MadMimi, and GetRespose email services. It also functions well with Amazon Web Services and allows integration with BluBrry for hosting podcasts.

The pricing plan starts from 129$ a year for the basic version. However, if you wish to maximize its potential, the price may rise to $249 each year.


s2Member is another powerful WordPress membership manager that comes at an affordable price. Its free version is quite popular among WordPress users. Also, it offers a pro version with some extra features.

Like other membership managers in this list, you’ll be able to protect and limit your WordPress Posts, Pages, Tags, Categories, and even portions of content within a post. However, you’ll have to subscribe to the pro version for drip content features.

This plugin was out there for a while. Still, in terms of usability, we think it’s a little difficult. But they make up with their supporting documents. The best part, their knowledge base is open to all! Pro users will also get email-based support whenever they need it.

s2Member’s free version comes with only PayPal as their payment gateway. You can upgrade to the pro version to use Stripe and too. The pro plan begins with a lifetime purchase of $89 for a single site. Support for unlimited sites, however, starts at $189.


At this point in our list of the top 5 WordPress Membership Managers, we’re going to look at a plugin named LearnDash. LearnDash is not exactly a dedicated membership plugin. However, it is indeed one of the best course builder plugins out in the market.

This learning management system is great if you want to develop a learning portal brand with the least amount of distraction. This tool gives you the ability to create and sell online courses with ease. And, since the pandemic, the potential for this type of membership site has skyrocketed.

LearnDash is easy to install, and adding content with this plugin will seem much easier. Its advanced tools allow you to organize your courses and contents into levels and groups.

Its powerful drip content feature allows you to provide content with intervals. You can even set it to unlock content once the previous ones have been completed. But, that’s not all! If a person has been inactive for a long time, you can also limit what they see.

Its community features allow you to boost engagement with interactive quizzes, user badges, certificates, etc. Raise conversations with its course-specific forums, and boost morale by allowing members to showcase their achievements in the user profile area.

LearnDash offers a wide set of payment gateways. So, your locations won’t get in the way of your way to success! You’ll also be able to use LearnDash with MemberPress, Slack, WooCommerce, bbPress, etc.

LearnDash starts with a yearly subscription plan of 159$/ year. If you need subscription choices for online courses, this plugin could be the perfect fit for your site.

Wrap Up on 5 WordPress Membership Manager Plugins

That concludes our list of the 5 best WordPress Membership Managers out in the market. 

Congratulations to you on making it to the end. Keep in mind that the plugin you choose should be based on the variety of tasks you want to do with your membership site.

I hope this post provided you with enough information to select the best WordPress Membership Manager for your website. Feel free to check the vendors on their website for detailed info. 

Until next time, take care, and best of luck with your journey on the world wide web! 

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