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27 May WordPress Birthday. Happy 21st Birthday WordPress! (Get your Gift!)

27 May 2024, WordPress is going to turn 24!

Yes, It’s WordPress Birthday (21st) on 27 May 2024.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world having a 45%+ market share of the web.

Since May 2003, WordPress has had 30+ major releases.

Here we presented WordPress major releases from 1st to 6.5 in short and also, added an engaging infographic below.

Data was collected from different sources, thanks to all our friends from the WordPress community.

Let’s have a quick tour!

27 May WordPress Birthday: WordPress Major Releases from 2003 to 2024

It’s 21 for WordPress! Happy Birthday, WordPress!!

Let’s briefly explore WordPress from the first day of 2003 to the year 2024. We tried to present WordPress history based on WordPress major releases from 2003 to 2024.

We mentioned the year, version name and number, major features, and more.


First release of WordPress.
That’s right, it’s been 21 years since a 19-year-old freshman. Mike Little launched the initial version of what would become the web’s most popular Content Management System (CMS).

2004: 1.2 – Mingus

Released in May 2004, WordPress 1.2, named after jazz musician Charles Mingus, allowed developers to build out the platform’s functionality.

2005: 1.5 – Strayhorn

Released in February 2005, version 1.5, named after jazz pianist Billy Strayhorn, introduced pages and a new theme system, making WordPress more customizable.

2008: 2.5 – Brecker

Released in March 2008, version 2.5, named for saxophonist Michael Brecker, saw a major overhaul of the dashboard, introduction of dashboard widgets, multi-file upload, extended search, and improvements to the post editor and plugin system.

2010: 3.0 – Thelonious

Released in June 2010, “Thelonious” added new theme APIs, merged WordPress and WordPress MU to create multisite functionality, and introduced a new default theme that would change every year.

2014: 4.0 – Benny

Released in September 2014, “Benny” made significant improvements including enhanced media management and embeds, an improved writing interface, easier language changes, and better plugin compatibility.

2017: 4.9 – Tipton

Released in November 2017, named after band leader Billy Tipton, the update included an improved theme customizer, new gallery widget, and updated text and video widgets.

2018: 5.0 – Bebo

Released in late December, named after Bebo Valdés, introduced the Gutenberg editor, a block-based editor that changed how users interact with the editor, write content, and how developers code plugins.

2019: 5.2 – Jaco

Released in May 2019, named after jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, focused on site health and fatal error recovery, providing new tools for debugging and fixing configuration issues.

2020: 5.4 – Adderley

Released in March 2020, named after Nat Adderley, improved the block editor with new features and better user interface, and introduced social icons and buttons blocks.

2021: 5.7 – Esperanza

Released in March 2021, named after Esperanza Spalding, introduced a simplified color palette, new robots API, lazy-load iframe support, and ongoing improvements to the block editor.

2022: 6.0 – Arturo

Released in May 2022, named after Arturo O’Farrill, focused on enhancing the full site editing experience with improvements to block themes, patterns, and global styles.

2023: 6.2 – Dolphy

Released in March 2023, named after Eric Dolphy, introduced significant updates to the site editor, block locking mechanism, style book for blocks, and improved navigation block.

2024: 6.5 – Regina

Released on April 2, 2024, named after Regina Carter.

Added a Font Library to manage site typography, enhanced revisions including templates, improved background, and shadow tools. introduced new Data Views, smoother drag-and-drop, and better link controls.

For developers, the release brought the Interactivity API, block connections to custom fields, appearance tools for Classic themes, plugin experience improvements, and substantial performance updates.

Accessibility saw over 65 improvements, including better screen reader navigation and focus state enhancements.

We look forward to many more years of innovation and growth with WordPress!

WordPress Birthday 2024: Download Your Gift from WooCommercify Team

Now, grab your gift on WordPress birthday and say Happy Birthday WordPress!

Download the infographic below and explore WordPress history in short.

Happy Birthday, WordPress!

Thanks to Matt Mullenweg Mike Little and everyone behind WordPress!

Want to learn WordPress? Check this ultimate glossary and terms of WordPress including terms, definitions, and more.

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