Our team has years of experience in the WordPress industry. We’ve used a lot of hosting services, plugins & themes for different needs and we know what you need when it comes to setting up your first WordPress website.

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Our purpose is to help you choose a hosting provider that will give you the best chance for success with your WordPress website. Also, recommend some of the best WordPress plugins, themes, and other services to help you get started.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create a website or blog from scratch or to improve an existing website. WordPress is free and open-source software released under the GPL.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

WordPress is a very versatile platform that can be used for a wide variety of websites and applications. Some of the benefits of using WordPress include:
-It’s free and open source
-It’s easy to use
-It’s flexible and extensible
-It’s supported by a large community

What do I need in order to use WordPress?

In order to use WordPress, you will need a domain name and hosting. WordPress.org provides a service called WordPress.com which gives you a free subdomain (yourname.wordpress.com) and hosting, but you will have limited control over your website. It’s recommended by us that you use WordPress.org and self-host your own WordPress website.

How do I install WordPress?

Installing WordPress is relatively simple. Most web hosting providers (BlueHost, Kinsta, WPEngine) offer a one-click install of WordPress, which makes it even easier.
However, if your hosting provider does not offer a one-click install, don’t worry – it’s still pretty easy to install WordPress yourself.

How much does it cost to use WordPress?

WordPress is free and open-source software released under the GPL. This means that you can use WordPress for free. However, in order to use WordPress, you will need a domain name and hosting. Domain names typically cost around $15 per year, and web hosting starts at around $3-$5 per month.

Are you biased in recommending products?

No, we are not biased in recommending products. We prefer product quality, user ratings, and expert opinions. But yes, if you buy any of the products following our links, we can get a commission. We do use affiliate links.

How do you choose the best product?

We choose the best product based on the number of active users, user rating on WordPress.org (official WordPress repository), and the number of service years of that particular product.

Do you take any responsibility for the product?

No. We do not take responsibility for the products we recommend. We rely on certain facts to choose the best products and list them here to make your WordPress journey easier. We follow WordPress standards and we have years of experience with it. So, you too can rely on us.

But sure, you should give a check on your own before purchasing.

Do you provide product support?

No, we just recommend and do not provide product support. But we only recommend products that have a 24/7 support system. So, pls go and knock their support team from their websites.

Do you recommend it for free, or do you take a commission?

We recommend all products for free and there’s no direct benefit or income for us. As you know WordPress is free, and licensed under GPL; so all the WordPress plugins and themes have a basic free version. You can use it for free, forever.