9 Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes: How to Choose Your One with Ease

ThemeForest is arguably the best platform to get premium WordPress themes. Since it provides plenty of options, it is easy to get confused. Considering your need, we have prepared a list of the best ThemeForest WordPress themes available right now.

We will also let you know how can you choose the best WordPress themes on ThemeForest based on your preference. You should be careful while choosing a theme because not only your site’s appearance but also performance and functionality depend on themes.

ThemeForest in Brief

ThemeF orest is one of the most popular marketplaces for website themes and templates. From ThemeForest, you can buy and sell various types of HTML themes and templates for popular website content management systems (CMSs) – like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

ThemeForest, a part of Envato, gains popularity and reputation by ensuring a stringent review system and engaging developers from all over the world.

Besides, the themes and templates are sold at a competitive price here, and ThemeForest tries to maintain quality for each product.

Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes

We are going to let you know some of the best WordPress themes on ThemeForest under two segments.

  • Best free WordPress themes on ThemeForest.
  • Best-selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

Let’s check them out.

2 Best Free WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

ThemeForest is the platform to buy and sell premium themes. So, it is difficult to find free themes here. But we have found a way for you. Many ThemeForest themes go on sale from time to time, some are even offered for free.

You can find them by following this link with the tag Free ThemeForest Themes for WordPress.

You can now install 2 beautiful free WordPress themes from ThemeForest:

1. Kata

Kata is a powerful WordPress theme that lets you build different types of websites. It contains various features and customization options and provides a smooth user experience.

2. Applic

Applic is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is suitable for a SaaS or a startup. It is easy to use and navigate, and compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile, or other electronic devices.

9 Best-Selling WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

You will find a big list of themes if you search for the best-selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest. Instead of making you confused, we are getting you introduced to some of the best-selling ThemeForest themes which are actually worth trying for your WordPress website. We have prepared the rank based on the number of sales.

  1. Avada
  2. The7
  3. Betheme
  4. Enfold
  5. X
  6. Flatsome
  7. Bridge
  8. Jupiter
  9. Salient

Let us give you some key information on the themes in brief which will help you know them better and make purchase decisions.

1. Avada

Avada is the #1 best-selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest so far. You can build any type of website with Avada including blogs, eCommerce websites, dropshipping, Affiliate sites, and more.

Avada Theme has been sold over 744,000 times, more than double that of its nearest competitor, and contains a 4.7 user rating out of 5. So, we can easily call it one of the best ThemeForest WordPress themes.

2. The7

The7 is another popular WordPress theme on ThemeForest. It is familiar with its wide customization options and versatility.

So far, The 7 Theme has been sold over 246,000 times and contains a 4.7 user rating out of 5.

3. Betheme

Betheme is a popular multipurpose theme for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Be Theme has been sold over 240,000 times on ThemeForest so far and contains a 4.8 user rating out of 5.

4. Enfold

Enfold is another popular multipurpose theme for WordPress, familiar with its high responsiveness.

So far, Enfold Theme has been sold over 232,000 times on ThemeForest and contains a 4.8 user rating out of 5.

5. X The Theme

The X is an easy-to-use WordPress theme with an extensive collection of plugins and demo assets. X Theme offers easy-to-understand documentation and user guides to set it up.

X The Theme has been sold over 220,000 times on ThemeForest so far and contains a 4.7 user rating out of 5.

6. Flatsome

Flatsome is the most popular WooCommerce theme on ThemeForest to build an eCommerce site.

So far, Flatsome Theme has been sold over 176,000 times and contains a 4.8 user rating out of 5. Flatsome is also marked as one of the best ThemeForest themes for business.

7. Bridge

If you are a creative person, Bridge might be for you. It is the best-selling creative theme for WordPress on ThemeForest.

Bridge Theme contains a 4.7 user rating out of 5 and has been sold over 173,000 times so far. Bridge Theme is in the 7th position of the best ThemeForest WordPress Themes list.

8. Jupiter

Jupiter is arguably the best WordPress theme on ThemeForest for Elementor users. You can build and design your WooCommerce store with Jupiter Theme.

Jupiter Theme has been sold over 158,000 times so far and contains a 4.7 user rating out of 5.

9. Salient

Salient is a popular and useful WordPress theme with front-end editing options and a large number of templates.

So far, Salient Theme has been sold over 123,000 times on ThemeForest and contains a 4.8 user rating out of 5. It’s one of the best ThemeForest themes for business.

How to Choose Themes on Themeforest?

Choosing the right and efficient themes on ThemeForest is tricky as you will find hundreds of results if you make a search there. Don’t worry. We are going to help you with this part. In the following points, we will let you know how could you choose the best WordPress themes on ThemeForest based on your preference.

1. Use Search Filters to Shortlist Your Desired Themes

After typing the name or category of your desired theme on the search bar, ThemeForest will show you a long list of relevant themes. We will suggest you narrow down the search result by following the steps below:

  1. Category: Narrow down the category as preciously as possible
  2. Rating: Select “4 stars and higher”
  3. Sales: Choose “Top Sellers” or “High”
  4. Price: Set your price range ($1 and higher)
  5. Compatibility: Select the platform or plugin which your theme needs to be compatible with
  6. Tags: Select a few tags that are relevant to your desired themes
  7. Sorting: Sort the search result based on “Best match”, “Bestsellers”, “Newest”, “Best rated”, “Trending” or “Price”.

2. See Themes’ Rating Points and Number of Rating

Rating points play a significant role in realizing how good a theme could possibly be. While seeing the themes’ rating points, we will suggest you check the number of ratings as well. It will help you get the actual picture.

Choose a theme that has over 4 rating points, and contains at least 10 ratings.

3. Check the Number of Sales of the Themes

The popular themes on ThemeForest didn’t become popular overnight. The developers had to work hard to gain people’s trust. So, you may rely on the best-selling themes, like those we have mentioned earlier.

Besides, before picking up a theme, it is worth looking that how many of it has been sold so far. The number of sales will give you a glimpse of the popularity and trust that it has gained so far.

4. Read the Review Comments for Detailed Insights

If you want to know how well a theme can serve your purpose, reading the users’ comments is the best way to follow.

Sometimes, rating points and the number of sales cannot give you the real picture of a product’s usability and efficiency. But a comment from a user – doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative – can give you a detailed insight into that product.

5. Play Around with the Demos of the Themes

Trying out the demos can give you the best idea that how your theme is going to look and how it will perform in real life. We will highly recommend you dig in and play around with the demos.

Each of the themes on ThemeForest provides a preview or demo option. Don’t miss to check it out. Try to spend as much time as possible here before making the purchase decision.

6. Check When the Theme Was Last Updated

Let’s say, you have purchased your desired theme after going through a lot of scrutiny. But the theme developer doesn’t provide updates from time to time. In this case, we would say you haven’t taken the right decision.

Because your theme might suffer from security or performance issues at any time. Besides, WordPress itself changes its core frequently. If your theme developer doesn’t provide regular updates you may even end up being unable to use your favorite theme.

FAQs on Best WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

What are the best WordPress themes on ThemeForest?

Being the best actually depends on your niche and personal preferences. However, some popular (best-selling) themes on ThemeForest include Avada, BeTheme, and X.

Which theme is best for WordPress?

It depends on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your website. However, some popular themes for WordPress include Divi, Avada, BeTheme, GeneratePress, and X.

Are ThemeForest themes good?

Yes, ThemeForest themes are really good and reliable. ThemeForest maintains strict guidelines and a quality checklist before approving any themes on its store. But it is important to read the reviews and ratings before purchasing a theme to ensure that it is of high quality.

Which is the best WordPress theme to customize?

Some popular themes that are easy to customize include Divi, Avada, BeTheme, GeneratePress, and X.

What is the best-selling WordPress theme?

The best-selling WordPress theme is Divi and Avada theme.

Conclusion on Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes

ThemeForest themes are very efficient and user-friendly for WordPress sites. That’s why they are so popular among the WordPress community. But at the same time, you will have to pay for them and sometimes they are expensive.

So, we will suggest you do some homework before making any purchase. Our list of the best ThemeForest WordPress themes might help you make the decisions. And, don’t forget to apply our guide on how to choose themes on ThemeForest for your WordPress site.

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